Top Indonesia Transportation

In order to maintain our high standard of transportation, we have made investment to supply our own vehicle of mini vans and 4 Wheel Drive. In the event of more demands expected, we may outsource vehicles from transportation company who able to meet our high expectations.

We carefully selected type of vehicle with consideration to comply minimum International safety standard, road and traffic condition, tropical weather and offers comfortable driving.

We are operating vehicle for maximum of 4 years or not exceeding 150K kilometer in operation. All vehicles are maintained and regularly inspected for general maintenance.

We decided to use Toyota Innova, 4WD Toyota Hilux and Hyundai H1 for Vans. All of them are engineered with the latest Diesel Engine Technology which offer powerful traction output and equipped with a good quality of Air-Condition system. There is NO logo being painted in both exterior and interior as we aim to make it available for our partner’s logo.