Warisan Komodo

Warisan Komodo

For many years these people with deep roots the sea, dominated the waters of these seas from the Philippines to the Australian coast . His wooden ships plied the waters of the Indonesian archipelago trading and fishing , transmitting their knowledge and lifestyles . 

They forged secret routes at the mercy of the winds and currents encouraging pirate legends and intrigue connected with the sea , spread gastronomy, culture and religion and were an important pillar to show the rest of the world one of its most coveted treasures spices.

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Warisan Komodo on The Sea


Warisan has 2 air-conditioned cabins with double bed + 1 convertible single bed for a kid. Each one owns its private shower room/WC and hot water. Perfect set-up for a Honeymoon Cruise or a small family with kids. The mattress are 180 x 200 cm. Mosquito nets ensure comfort during nights close to shore. Each cabin has AC cooling features and a private bathroom with hot water. Towels, shower gel and shampoo will be provided.

Diving Paradise

The aquatic world that exists beneath the surface of the ocean is also a transit shelter and 5 species of sea turtles and large mammals found here in abundance to feed squid, like blue whales Balaenoptera musculus, sperm whales Physeter catodon dugongs Dugong Dugong and up 10 species of dolphins.

The beach of Pantai Merah, located on the island of Komodo and pink beach literally, is a good place for snorkeling and scuba dives. The pink sand because corals comprises finely crushed by the action of the waves.

Kalong Island, near Kampung Komodo is one of the centers for visitors to the National Park. The island is home to a large colony of flying foxes, fruit bats, every day after returning to find their food trees of the island.

Dragons on land, underwater Biodiversity

Few places of reputation for Komodo Island to be a remote and inspiring place. You dive in water provides one of the most enriching underwater experiences in Indonesia. These small islands surrounded by arid and sandy beaches are lapped by the clear waters of the national park where you will see Komodo dragons in Beach or peering from the top of a rock.

You can also go over some of the best diving areas of Indonesia. The water is always calm, in fact the currents can be strong. But the abundance of pelagic animals, small and interesting bugs, macro activity is greater than you can imagine, the dazzling colors and diversity, make diving here is truly legendary.