Silolona Sojourns

The Boat

Silolona is a powerful hand crafted traditional wooden sailing vessel newly build from the finest tropical hardwoods to German Lloyds specifications by the Master Konjo boat builders of Sulawesi. This magnificent vessel melds the best of the traditional spice island sailing vessels with all of the modern amenities and safety features one would expect in a vessel of her quality.

Silolona’s tastefully appointed décor, spacious decks, delightful Asian fusion cuisine, full range of aquatic activities, and the smiles of her dedicated professional crew provide the perfect setting for Patti Seery’s sojourns of discovery. The most successful and sought after travel experiences in SE-Asia.

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Silolona Cruise in Komodo Island

Komodo Island, Flores, Indonesia

The Phinisi Spirit

The mysterious Spice Islands enjoy an evocative ancient history, conjuring romantic visions of majestic sailing ships, exotic sultans, the golden age of exploration, and enigmatic jungle tribes whose culture and traditions have survived intact for thousands of years. Columbus, Magellan, and Francis Drake all sailed in search of the Spice Islands.

Savage intrigue and battle, the North East passage dream, and discovering the Americas all occurred pursuing nutmeg and pepper. For centuries the fabled spice trade was known for its land routes through Asia and the Middle East, routes that ended in Europe. image

Boat Specification


Bali, Indonesia


Konjo Boat Builders


Traditional Gaff Rig Phinisi


50 Meters


10 Meters/33 feet


3.07 Meters

Cruising Speed

10 to 12 Knots


Fully Airconditioned

State Rooms

3 King Suites, 2 Double Suites


16 + Expedition Leader


Cruising 10 - 12


3 Tenders, 5.8 m