The Archipelago

This strikingly beautiful country with over 17,000 islands offers an enormous range of activities. The world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia offers everything from snow-capped peaks to tropical atolls in the azure blue seas. It is a kaleidoscope of a nation that follows the equator for about 5,000 km and has over 17,000 islands of which 6,000 are inhabited. It also has about 300 ethnic groups, speaking over 700 dialects and languages, which live side by side as one nation. 

 Exotic animals including tiger, orangutan, elephant and clouded leopard added to age-old customs, rare and beautiful rainforest plant species, historic sights, astounding art and a variety of island flavoured foods all form part of the uniqueness of Indonesia. The people welcome foreigners with a warm openness and a genuine interest in cultural exchange. Indonesians are very chatty! This, and the variety of landscapes across Indonesia, tend to bring visitors back again and again. 

Welcome to our world,
the world of Top Indonesia.