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Top Indonesia Holidays offers in-depth destination know-how and expert ground handling to overseas travel agents. We understand that destination management must never slide into a run- of-the-mill routine, but crucially depends on intelligent people who give smart answers and make pro-active suggestions. In a destination that covers three time zones and offers a complicated landscape of travel options we continuously keep a keen eye on what happens on the different islands and we are fully up-to-date with all developments on the frontier of Indonesian tourism.

Top team

We brought together a small team of dedicated professionals who enjoy doing what they know best: providing tailor- made solutions to the specific demands of our clients, always realistically matching the right travel solution to the expectations of their guests. Whether the request is for individual travelers or groups, for nature trekking or cultural exchanges, exotic hideaways, overland travel, live aboard diving or cruising at sea, the team is ready to consistently offer a holiday design of superb quality.

We invite you to have a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. There is not enough time nor money to do everything we wish we could do, but we have chosen a few projects to support or assist.

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Sugeng Suprianto

Founder and CEO
PT. Top Indonesia

Sugeng started his career as a hotelier and worked for over ten years with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, both in Bali and Jakarta. After a two-year stint with a cruising company, he became the General Manager of a leading Bali based travel agency. Again four years later, in 2006 he was recruited to establish the Indonesian branch of a major regional player in the Asian tourism business.

With more than twenty years of experience in the hospitality, cruise and travel industries, Sugeng has learned like few others that hi-touch personalized service is the key to customer satisfaction. He is an inspiring team leader.